batumi night

   Batumi is the capital city of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara in the country of Georgia. Batumi is one of the oldest cities in Georgia founded as early as BC. Its initial form – Batus – had already been mentioned in the 4th century BC. The climate in Batumi is humid subtropical.


v Sarpi - located to the Georgian-Turkish border 17 km south of Batumi. The sea water is particularly clean and transparent. Sarpi underwater world distinguished by an amazing beauty.

v Gonio-Apsaros Fortress - Located on the left bank of the River Chorokhi and is 12 km south of Batumi. Gonio fortress is a well preserved Roman fortification in Adjara, on the Black sea coast. The fortress is rectangular (195/245 meters) with a gate on each side but only the western gate is open.

v Old Batumi- (Neptune's square, amazing Piazza Square with St. Nicholas Church, ERA Square , Seaside Park).

v Batumi Archeological Museum - In the museum are kept archaeological materials from Bronze Age to Medieval time, specimens from archaeological excavations throughout Ajara and Batumi. There are unique samples of Georgian and foreign origin coins, bronze vessels, glassware and ceramic, etc.

v Batumi Ropeway - Want to see very interesting and exciting sights of whole city from a bird's flight? That is the Batumi ropeway. It is one of the main attractions of the city and at the same time the most popular entertainment. It`s length is 2600 meters long and and height is 260 meters above sea level.